These camps will teach you a lot about volleyball in a short period of time! We have found it useful if you show up in relatively decent shape and most important, don’t compare yourself to others in the clinic. If you feel intimidated or bored, the learning process shuts down. We do an excellent job of matching each player with drills and competition suited for the appropriate levels of play. The coaching staff will be watching each individual execute the skills during the first phase: this is where we enforce the teaching cycle!

Strength and Condition Play Camp 2018

July 2,3,5,6 2018 9:00 AM – 12:00 PM – Meet @ Newell Strength Facility, Hillsborough NJ.

Each session will include time at Newell Strength Facility followed by time on the volleyball court at CORE Volleyball Facility located in the same complex as Newell Strength Facility.

Newell Strength Facility 2 Ilene Court Unit 1, Hillsborough NJ 08844
CORE Volleyball Facility 6 Jill Court Building 23 Hillsborough, NJ 08844

In this new program, the competitive high school athlete will experience a unique, integrated approach where the players will have hands on game play on the court in addition to an intense and fun, strength and conditioning session.

In doing so, the players will spend FOUR days on the volleyball court, coached by one of the top coaches in the State of New Jersey, Stephen J Fenton. Coach Fenton will offer both personalized and individual feedback to each camper, as well as all of the necessities they need in order to be a part of a competitive team. The campers will ALSO spend FOUR days with one of the top professional athlete based strength and conditioning coaches in the world, and owner of the Newell Strength facility– Kyle Newell. Here, the campers will be introduced into a unique new and specific strength and conditioning tactics to enhance their performance in their volleyball game. The campers will also be taught both nutritional guidelines as well as mindset guidelines for the serious athlete. Campers will leave with the experience and knowledge in designing, creating, and implementing fitness complex routines into their lives to increase their strength and conditioning in their sport of volleyball.

NOTE: The STRENGTH & CONDITION CAMP will be limited to 8 campers or less. 

This unique volleyball camp is designed to invite those volleyball players with a serious mindset for the game of volleyball and fitness.  The campers will experience  hands on strength & condition training as well as individual coaching on the volleyball court.  This will allow the camp staff to give the authentic attention to each of the campers.

Beginner/Intermediate Camp 2018

August 6-9, 2018 9:30 AM – 12:00 PM – Green Brook Middle School, Green Brook NJ

This camp is designed purposefully for the player who has either has no experience or limited experience in the game of power volleyball.  Emphasis will be made on proper skill instruction, developing a love of the game itself, and teaching the aspects of a team.  All players will experience a fast paced, highly energetic experience!  Please sign up quickly to reserve your spot!

Age Group:  both boys and girls entering 4th grade to 9th grade.

Play Play Play Camp 2018

July 16-19, 2018 5:30 PM – 8:00 PM – Hunterdon Central High School, Flemington NJ
August 6-9, 2018 12:30 PM – 3:00 PM  – Green Brook Middle School, Green Brook NJ

This camp is open to girls who are currently in high school.  Volleyball experience is necessary.  This camp is designed for the primary purpose of playing.  The girls will spend the week on the court in actual drill simulated and a variation of unique game simulated playing.  This camp is being offered the week prior to most NJ high school volleyball programs opening day, thus allowing the girls hands on actual play experience going into their school tryouts.  Along with high amount of time the girls will be playing, they will also receive both individual and team instruction during their play to ensure a high level learning experience.  The girls will gain a tremendous amount of court confidence from the camp giving them a greater opportunity for their high school tryouts.

Players are required to have experience playing in competitive high school or club volleyball teams. 

Please note: We will only be accepting a total of 32 girls.  This allows the camp staff to give authentic attention to each of the campers.  Please sign up early to reserve your spot.

Dodger Beginner/Intermediate Camp: Madison

Advanced Play camp: Madison

June 25 – JUNE 29, 2018 9:00  – 11:30AM  
Advanced Play: 12:30 – 2:00PM

Madison Junior School, 160 Main St. Madison 07940

This camp is separate, but in affiliation with the Jumpstart sessions, and is designed purposefully for girls who have no experience or limited experience in the game of power volleyball. Emphasis will be made on proper skill instruction, developing a love of the game itself, and teaching the aspects of a team.

Advanced Play camp is for current High School and Club players.  Please print and fill out the Madison camp flyer to register.


July 16-19th Jump Start Volleyball Camp held at Hunterdon Central High School will be held in The Wooden Gymnasium at Hunterdon Central High School. The Wooden Gymnasium is located at off th eparking lot closest to the tennis courts.


  • Green Brook Middle School, 132 Jefferson Avenue, Green Brook, NJ 08812
  • IEF Elementary School, 105 Andrew Street, Green Brook, NJ 08812
  • Hunterdon Central High School, 84 Route 31, Flemington, NJ 08822
    Wooden Gymnasium located building near tennis courts
  • Newell Strength Facility, 2 Ilene Court, Building 1, Units 20-22, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
  • CORE Volleyball Facility, 6 Jill Court, Building 23, Hillsbrough, NJ 08844

General Information

  • Camp starts starts and finishes promptly at the posted times
  • Arrive early for warm-up and/or  stretching time
  • Jewelry is a safety issue and should not be worn during drills and games
  • Bring a comfortable shorts;  sneakers; a water bottle  and knee pads if you desire
  • Camp insurance will be provided for each participant